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Our platform is dedicated to providing high-quality, informative content on topics of online gambling, casino reviews and igaming industry, with the goal to educate, inspire and entertain our readers. 

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Guest Post Writing Guidelines

We value well-crafted, informative articles that resonate with our audience. 
To ensure the best possible reading experience, please adhere to the following guidelines for guest post submissions:

  • Article Length: Your article should contain more than 800 words to provide in-depth insights and value to our readers.
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  • In-Content Images or Videos: Include at least one additional “in-content” image with dimensions of 1200x630px or embed a relevant YouTube video.
  • Organized Content: Organize your article with clearly marked section headings to improve readability and facilitate navigation.
  • Credible Sources: When referencing other works or data, please provide appropriate links to the source material.
  • FAQ Section (if applicable): If your article lends itself to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, feel free to include it to address common queries and provide comprehensive information.


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